Hi everyone.  My name is Monique Low and I am the founder of Najalu Naturals New Zealand.  

I’m a busy mum of three children based here in beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

My career background was corporate. My family moved from the Horowhenua to Hawkes Bay in 2006 and I retrained at EIT as a Massage Therapist in 2007.  My qualifications are NZQA  Certificate in Health and Sport Massage (Level 5) and NZQA Diploma in Sports & Therapeutic Massage (Level 6).  I am also trained in Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage. 

I work full time as a Massage Therapist within the Napier Massage & Health Collective based at 71 Tennyson Street, Napier.


Many things led me to start making my own oils and balms including family members being terminally ill and a child with health issues.  Not to mention my hundreds of massage clients who are always looking for a product that actually worked! 

We needed to use magnesium products to relieve muscle pain and tightness but quickly realised there wasn’t a lot of healthy, or organic options out there.  I was uncomfortable using options that came packed in toxic plastic.  I also didn’t want to put cheap, synthetic and processed ingredients on a child who already had an overloaded system.   

Cannabis and Hemp also kept coming up in my research as a plant that could have positive benefits when applied topically.  I subsequently trained with a Colorado based provider in Cannabis Massage Therapy.  This has given me an indepth understanding of the plant and it's critical role within the human endocannabinoid system.

I then enrolled in an Organic Skincare course and the rest is history.  Family and friends have been guinea pigs and their feedback is always ruthless.  We believe that has helped us to provide you with an honest product that works.  


Certificate Health and Sports Massage (Level 5) - EIT Hawkes Bay

Dip. Therapeutic & Sport Massage (Level 6) - EIT Hawkes Bay

Massage is my speciality and my appointments book out months in advance. I particularly enjoy working with clients who live with chronic pain.  Remedial Massage is very powerful.  It is very satisfactory helping people to regain movement  and move freely without or with reduced pain levels.

Working hands on with so many people teaches you a lot about human nature and opens your world up to many different healing and energy modalities.  I am constantly learning and love what I do.  

I am part of a busy team of  natural health professionals currently situated in Napier (Napier Massage & Health Collective).  Booking is essential.  Find us on Facebook!

“Today is my second day using the balm morning and night on my lower back, hips and also the soles of my feet.  I’ve woken up the next morning feeling absolutely wonderful and apply more! My legs feel so much better!  Thank you so much for this balm."
- Rareti


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